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The Top 10 Best Stocking Fillers

So you've bought the chocolate coins, the tangerine and the novelty socks... but what other little treats are small enough to fit into a stocking but practical enough that they'll be used beyond the Christmas holidays?  Continue reading

Xmas gift ideas by age

With Christmas Eve just 5 weeks away the time has come to start thinking about presents! Whether you're being Santa for your own kids or buying for friends and family, we know how hard it can be to choose a gift. Continue reading

Hair problems - solved

Nic and I both always had problems with styling our daughters’ hair. While our girls are the same age, our problems were very different. My daughter's hair grew pretty late and by the age of 3 she had a mess of thin, fly away curls that she hated having brushed or touched. Nic’s daughter on the other hand had masses of thick, heavy, shiny hair that no clips designed for children could even come close to clipping back.  Continue reading

5 Ways to wear Pom Poms

5 Ways to wear Pom Poms
At MIMI & LULA we have a passion for pom poms! They are fun, colourful and can brighten up even the plainest hair style. So if you want to add a little touch of style to an outfit then put on a pom pom! Here are our Top 5 ways to wear them: Continue reading

The 10 Best Birthday Gift Ideas

The 10 Best Birthday Gift Ideas
Did you know that more babies are born in late September and early October than any other time of year!? The sudden rush of birthdays can cause panic amongst parents (or is it just us?!) as they struggle to figure out what a 3 year old, 5 year old or 8 year old might want! If you're looking for something a bit special that is sure to delight and bring a smile to her face then take a look at our Top 10 picks for birthdays gifts!  Continue reading

The Reality of Holidays with Small Children


Hot. Sweaty. Grumpy. Welcome to holidays with small children.

As schools finish for the summer, many families will be looking forward to their summer holiday. Daydreaming about sunset drinks, siestas, al fresco barbeques, sea salt on tanned skin, plunging into a cold swimming pool after having heated up on a sun lounger while engrossed in a book….

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5 Ways to Wear the Pepper Printed Bow

Here at MIMI & LULA we're all about getting the most out of our accessories.  

The Pepper Printed Bow is one of our most versatile styles and can be worn in many different ways.  It has a strong 40mm clip which means it can actually hold thick hair in place or simply be used to brighten up a plait or a ponytail.

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