Super simple summer time styles!

Are you always looking for inspiration for lovely looking 'do's that don't take an age to create? These super simple ideas are perfect for little wrigglers who won't sit still for long but also yearn for a new look each day!

The side clip

If you're a fan of this super sweet style, a larger clip often works best to hold a decent chunk of hair back from their face. We love our Maisie bows for this look!

The staggered pony

What better way to showcase their favourite pack of Mimi and Lula ponies than with this neat and tidy pony, perfect for soft play, trampolining or anything active where you need hair to stay put!

The ultra easy alice band

Even Dad's can't mess this one up! Perfect for when time is short, just pop on your favourite and go!

The French plait

Ok, so admittedly this one requires a bit more skill but isn't it worth it! And once you've mastered this braid, you can keep it simple for school with just a pony to secure or by adding a simple bow or liven it up with a pack of our mini clips for weekends or parties too. We love our Retro fruit mini clips worn this way!

The 'twist and clip' 

 As easy as it sounds and oh so sweet too, simply take two small sections of hair and twist as you clip them in with a couple of your favourite mini clips! 

Sophisticated side clips

This grown up looking style works best with a bunch of clips, a full pack is ideal. Pretty and practical and a lovely way to add some interest to an outfit for a special occasion!







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