Easter treats with NO added sugar!

 Whilst we all love the Easter Bunny a whole choco-lot, if your house is anything like ours it will very quickly descend into Charlie and The Chocolate Factory complete with little screaming Umpa Lumpas after all those eggs! So what about this year swapping some of those chocolate treats on their Easter Hunt with a few cute gifts that you know they’ll love and will last longer than a few gobbled seconds?

Here’s our top selection for Easter gifts:

Furry Bunny Ears Bando £10
A must have for all the little Easter Bunnies out there!

Furry Chick Cross Body Bag £16
Cute and cuddly, this chick bag is the sweetest Easter accessory!

Kiko Bunny Ears Clips £8
We can’t get enough of these stylish but super cute bunny ear clips.

Birdie Fabric Salon Clips £7
A bestseller, these birdie clips are fun and practical even for the thickest hair due to their strong clip.

Bunny Ears Hair Wraps £8
These bunny ear hair wraps in gorgeous Spring colours will brighten up any ponytail. The special wire inner means they can be styled to perfection!

Bunny Pom Pom Salon Clip £7
At only £7, this fun and quirky bunny pom pom clip is the perfect Easter treat.

Coco Bow Alice £8
With four different styles to suit every taste and flexible wiring, the Coco Bow Alice Band can double up as bunny ears and then revert back to being a fashionista’s must have.

Glittery glasses £6

An all round party favourite to bring fun  to any occasion, our glittery glasses make a perfect little Easter gift that she'll never want to take off! 

Glittery glasses

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