The Top 10 Best Stocking Fillers


Stocking fillers

So you've bought the chocolate coins, the tangerine and the novelty socks... but what other little treats are small enough to fit into a stocking but practical enough that they'll be used beyond the Christmas holidays? So many stocking fillers, are just that: fillers. Little things that lose their appeal after a few days and then clutter up your house. Well, we have the answer; hair clips! With hair clips, everyone's a winner. They're happy as they have something cute / sparkly / pretty and you're happy that you've bought something that you actually need on a daily basis. 

To help with your selection, we've put together our Top 10 list of winning stocking fillers. As well as hair clips, we've also added a few less functional, more fun items that just about fit in a stocking! Happy shopping and Merry Clips-mas! 

1. Glitter super star clips £7

For a Christmassy clip pack, you've gotta have stars, so what could be better than GLITTERY stars? This pack is brand new this week and already destined to be a best seller! 

Glitter super stars

2. Glittery Glasses £6

If you haven't got a pair of these yet, these are an amazing stocking filler idea. Only £6, super fun and super sparkly and in a choice of 5 amazing colours. Whether you're buying for boys or girls, these are Christmas winner! 

Glitter glasses

3. Bunny pom pom salon clip £7

For something that has cute appeal as well as being practical, we have the sweetest range of pom pom animal clips. The bunny is one of our favourites! 

bunny pom pom

4. Martha bow salon clips £8

Practical, colourful and fun - clips that will be worn day in day out all year long! 

martha bow

5. Any wand, all at £8

These are probably going to poke out the top of the stocking, but for fairy princess lovers these are an absolute must have. Choose from crystal stones, silver sequins, gold sequins, pink metallic and the brand new rose gold glitter. 


6. Pom pom bear grips £8

More cute, cuddly animals, these little pom pom bear grips are simply adorable and actually really work at holding hair back. A lovely addition to a stocking! 

pom pom bear

7. Mary-Jane glitter clic-clacs £8

For Christmas it's always nice to have something sparkly so why not try these dazzling glitter encrusted oval shaped clic-clacs? 

Mary-Jane glitter clic-clacs

8. Betty floral bow clips £7

One of our all time best clip packs, the Betty floral bow clips are the sweetest little floral clips and loved by children and parents alike. They're also tiny so fit perfectly into a stocking! 

Betty floral bow clips

9. Ladylike pearl stretch bracelets £5

For girls who love to dress-up and want to wear their own jewellery, this pack of pearl stretch bracelets is a winner. At only £5 it's also should fit nicely into most stocking budgets. 

Ladylike pearl stretch bracelets

10. Superhero mask £8

An absolute winner for Christmas day, this superhero mask is sure to bring lots of fun, laughs and sparkle! Having a nice flat shape they should also squeeze nicely into most stockings even the smaller ones.

Superhero mask


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