Hair dramas untangled!!!

As parents to little girls, we are all too aware that different hair types bring different challenges and a 'one size fits all' approach just doesn't work when it comes to taming those unruly locks! That's exactly why we create such a wide range of accessories each season, so we can be sure there is something pretty and practical that will work for every little one.

To help you along the way, we have picked out a few styles from our current range that we think are well suited to each type of hair.


Thick / Long Hair

Super long hair needs a super strong clip! The kirby grips mentioned below have a particularly strong hold and are even more effective when used together. They're also longer than average measuring 7cm, they are certainly up for the job! We also find a large salon clip or a couple of super sturdy clic clacs will do the trick, and if all else fails, pop it in a pony! 


Fine / Flyaway Hair

For younger children or just those with really fine hair, you usually need something small but mighty. We are all too familiar with cute little clips that look lovely but constantly slide out and are just not fit for purpose. This type of hair still needs a secure clip with a good grip to keep a firm hold on what hair there is. Here are a few of our favourites:


Curly Hair

Curls are always beautiful, but also not without their challenges! Any of the above styles will work well depending whether the hair is thick / fine but we also find an Alice band is a perfect quick and easy fix to keep those curls out of their eyes with minimal fuss. A bulldog clip is also great for a part up, part down style and again, a pony or simple bunches never fail!



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