Royal Wedding Ready!

Wedding fever has definitely gripped the country!  Looking at our sales these past few weeks we can certainly tell that many of you will be celebrating the Royal Wedding this weekend.  We thought it would be fun to share with you our top 5 bestselling Royal Wedding party pieces!



Her Majesty Sequin Crown 

1.  Her Majesty Sequin Crown £15.
A gold sequin crown on an alice band complete with a beautiful bride-like gold glitter veil.  What more could you want?!




2.  Sparkle Sequin crown £12. 

Super glittery with a tie fastening to ensure it can adjust to even the smallest of royal supporters!


 Reversible crown


3 & 4. Queen Mimi Reversible crowns in pink & grey £12

Super soft adjustable crowns in either pale pink or grey.  A sparkle star decoration on one side and a simple stripe on the other, these crowns are also perfect for birthdays and other celebrations.


 Glittery party hat

5. Glittery Party Hat £6

Ok, so the feedback we've had is that adults are buying these for themselves (and we have been known to wear them ourselves on occasion).  Regardless, these party hats are great for any celebration, be it Royal Wedding street party, birthday or any other occasion.  Anchored by a large, sturdy grip they're pretty good at holding hair in place too!


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