Top 5 tidy bedroom hacks!

We had so many requests from our lovely customers to design something to keep your Mimi and Lula clip collection tidy. And so our wonderful range of wall hangers were born!

Now that we’ve helped you make sense of your clip chaos, it got us thinking about other handy hacks we could share to help wave goodbye to chaos and say hello to order in those messy little bedrooms!


1. Soft toy storage

We don't know many little girls (or boys!) who don't love a soft toy, but these collections can soon grow out of control leaving little floor space for anything else. How about a handy hammock to display them all...

Or, you can use a bean bag for storage, you can buy bean bag covers created especially for toy storage or just empty the beans out of an existing bag and replace with stuffed toys! You now have a handy seat as well as a tidy room!


2. Doll organiser

Here's a clever little idea for small doll storage, shoe storage hangers repurposed for tidying little dolls! Perfect for hanging on the inside of a wardrobe door. Easily accessible yet not unsightly, it's a win!


3. Shelves

This is no ordinary shelf, the Ikea 'Bekvam' spice rack can be repurposed in so many ways for little bedrooms. These can be hung on a wall or inside a cupboard. They make perfect little book shelves, can be hung upside down to provide a little rail ideal for hanging tomorrow's outfit or your Mimi and Lula Alice bands too. The possibilities are endless!

4. Hanging tubs / baskets

This little idea is perfect for pens and pencils if your little one has a desk in their bedroom but would work just as well for ponies and scrunchies above a dressing table too!



5. Cork boards

It's an old idea but it's a good one! If you have children you know that they attract a lot of stray pieces of paper. Artwork, notes from school, little notes from friends, it's endless!

Keep the important ones safe and display their best art with their own cork board! Keep it simple with an original style board and pins or you can get creative and paint the frame or cover one in a fabric to compliment their room, you can hang string and let them use little pegs, the possibilities are endless!

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