Clip-tomania! We have hair covered!

We’re often asked to recommend hair accessories (particularly clips) for different ages and hair types.  It's a subject close to our hearts as we do daily battle with the unruly hair of our own 4 year old girls. Everything mentioned below has been tried and tested by our own daughters (and their friends) and so we're pretty confident we have you covered!

Fine / Baby Hair

Constantly getting wisps in their eyes but not enough for most clips to hold on to, fine hair can be tricky especially when they’re younger. These clips are perfect as they’re small but have an excellent grip:

Long / Thick Hair


Glitter kirby grips

Whilst it looks beautiful, thick hair can be problematic at the best of times - let alone for a young child!  This hair needs a serious clip!  We made it one of our top priorities to design fun, cute but most of all effective hair accessories to control it. Long, strong clips as seen on some of the styles listed below work really well and our kirby grips are designed extra long and sturdy to hold back thicker hair.

Curly Hair

Iris bow clips


Arguably the cutest hair type but also not without it’s problems especially when it comes to maintaining it. We have found through our own experiences that our favourites for keeping the curls at bay are:

The Determined Child!


Bunny. bear clips

Having a child automatically turns you into a world class negotiator and these skills are essential when trying to get a child to wear a hair clip when they don’t like things in their hair! Hopefully we’ve made this easier by creating some super cute animal and fruit themed clips they won’t be able to resist:


If there are any other hair issues your child experiences then please get in touch as we would love to help.  Together we can make sure we have every hair problem covered! Please email us at

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