Xmas gift ideas by age

With Christmas Eve just 5 weeks away the time has come to start thinking about presents! Whether you're being Santa for your own kids or buying for friends and family, we know how hard it can be to choose a gift. There's nothing worse than disappointing them by buying something too young or too old for them, and with little girls it can be super tricky to tell what they're actually going to like. We've had tons of feedback from kids of all ages and their mums so we thought we'd share with you what's been most popular with each age group in the hope that it helps take at least some of the stress out of your Christmas shopping. 

Age 3 - 5



sequin wings

Lots of little ones are crazy about fairies and princesses at this age, so any of our wings, wands and tutus are a great bet. They also can't resist stroking and cuddling one of our super soft cross body bags such as the Furry chick bag. It's almost like a cuddly toy and bag at the same time so is a firm favourite with our youngest customers. For hair accessories, the younger girls tend to have less hair, so cute tiny clips such as Betty floral clips or Mini super star clips are a huge hit. 

Age 6-8



silver best friends

We often find that obsessions with handbags start around this age so bags like the Little lady tote or Teeny ladylike cross body are a good option. By 6 or 7 they also start to be able to look after and treasure things so absolutely love receiving special gifts such as our sterling silver pendants and bracelets. Glitter and sparkle of all kinds is still a favourite with this age group so bags like the Lula glitter cross body bags or clips like the Sparkling glitter salon clips are perfect. 

Age 9-12





As they enter tweendom gift buying gets a bit trickier. They're going to be more concerned about looking 'cool' and are likely to be less interested in Princesses, Fairies and any other trends that they associate with their younger sisters! Your best bet for these girls are one of the following bags; T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Cute cat bag, or Furry cloud bag. We've had fully grown adults buying these for themselves so 9-12 years are certainly not too old! 


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