How To: Easter Hair Tutorial

This Easter Hair isn't just cute, it's fast and your little ones will be sure to look eggs-tra special on Easter Sunday. All you need for this easy girls hair tutorial is a comb, two little hair elastics, one hair pony, and some gorgeous Mimi & Lula mini clips! So what are you waiting for, let's get started and create the most hop-tastic spring hair style for your little super star.

1. Take a side section of hair using a comb to separate it off into a section.

2. Plait that section and tie off with a mini elastic hair band.

3. Section off the other side of the head.

4. And repeat step 2 so you have two plaits positioned on the side of the head.

5. Turning your little one to face forward, you will then need to gather the loose hair into a pony.

6. Secure the pony tail in place with one of our simple hair ponies from our 24x assorted pony pack.

7. Then gently pull down on the the hair pony to loosen it off a little.

8. And place your index finger from one hand above the pony and through to the bottom of the hair.

step by step image of how to style girls hair 

9. Then with your other hand, lift the pony up, and pull through the space you made with your finger.

10. Gently pull on the pony downwards to make the style look neat and tidy.

11. Taking one of the side plaits, repeat the same motion, tucking it into the pony tail and pulling it downwards to neaten it up.

12. Repeat step 11 with the other side plait.


girls hair style tutorial

13. Then all that is left is to have lots of fun adding the beautiful Bunny & Flower Mini Clips!

easter hair clips

14. Add a Bunny Ears Alice Band for that extra cheeky Easter Bunny look!

girl wearing bunny ears alice band on head

See! It's not too difficult! And it is such a pretty hair style! You can also re-create this look with any of our other mini clips in the collection. Will you try this at home?


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