Hair problems - solved

Nic and I both always had problems with styling our daughters’ hair. While our girls are the same age, our problems were very different. My daughter's hair grew pretty late and by the age of 3 she had a mess of thin, fly away curls that she hated having brushed or touched. Nic’s daughter on the other hand had masses of thick, heavy, shiny hair that no clips designed for children could even come close to clipping back.  

We developed this brand with a view to solving these hair problems, and in the meantime have tried every type of kids hair accessory under the sun! We wanted to share with you our findings and our top tips for dealing with each hair problem.

PROBLEM 1: Thick heavy hair 



Pepper bow

Some really little girls have a surprising amount of hair. Regular kids hair clips just don't work on them and many parents are forced to buy adults clips which are neither cute nor safety tested for kids. We've made sure we have lots of options in the range that do work. The secret is using a strong clip which is long enough hold a big old chunk! We recommend anything with a 4 or 5cm alligator clip or kirby grips which used in a pair really hold back hair well. Choose from:

Milly salon clips

Edie salon clips

Pepper printed bows

Princess glitter salon clips

Pom pom kirby grips 

The other option is to do a plait, top knot, ponytail or pigtails and then use any of the smaller clip for decoration rather than function. Actually, let's be honest, having thick, shiny, beautiful hair is not REALLY a problem is it!? 

PROBLEM 2: Thin hair 



Betty floral bows

Many late hair growers still only have a few wispy bits of hair by the time they're 3. These wisps still need to be clipped back so the best option is to use a smaller style salon clip which has a strong grip, but is designed to hold less hair. These are an absolute winner for thinner hair:

Betty floral bows

Mini super star salon clips

Jeanie bow clips

Super star hair clips

PROBLEM 3: Curly, fly-away hair 



Minnie bow bando

Curly hair can look super cute, but also be a nightmare to brush and maintain. It tangles more easily and if not brushed it can look like they've been dragged through a bush! We love using bandos to keep the curls away, such as the Minnie bow bando pictured above, but we also often use an elastic pony to do a top knot and then clip a larger bow over the top for decoration. Any of the thicker or thinner clips also work, depending on whether they have thin curly hair or thicker curly hair. 

Minnie bow bando

Kiko bow ponies

Juno bow salon clip

PROBLEM 4: Fussy child who hates anything in their hair



Milly salon clip

Some children simply refuse to have anything in their hair and struggle and scream when you try to put a clip in. The strategy for this problem is to get in and out as quickly and smoothly as possible. If they're distracted enough you may even be able to do it without them noticing! For this you need something that's not fiddly that you can sweep away stray hairs from their face in one quick manoeuvre. The ideal clips for this are:

Martha bow salon clips

Milly salon clips

Edie salon clips

Pepper printed bows 

We hope this is helpful, we'd love to hear your thoughts on problems you may have had with styling your kids hair. We're also very open to suggestions, requests and feedback! Please email us at

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