5 Ways to wear Pom Poms

At MIMI & LULA we have a passion for pom poms! They are fun, colourful and can brighten up even the plainest hair style. So if you want to add a little touch of style to an outfit then put on a pom pom! Here are our Top 5 ways to wear them:


Pom pom ponies

1. Pom pom pigtails

Possibly the cutest use of pom poms is to decorate pigtails! Use our Pom pom ponies to tie up a pair of pigtails - either normal ones or bun ones as we've done here. We love using one of each colour as the grey and dusky pink go so well together. 


Pom pom grips

 2. Pom pom plait

Our best selling pom pom grips come in 2 colours and are super versatile. We love to use them in small clusters together to hold back hair (and they really do hold back hair) but they are also perfect for decorating plaits and pony tails. Use as few or as many as you want! 


Pom pom pony

3. Pom pom top knot

Top knots are the easiest way to create a fuss-free stylish hair style. Our favourite way to tie up a top knot is with one of our super cute and cool pom pom ponies. You could even try using the pink and grey together!


Mini pom pom pony

4. Pom pom alice band

For a pom pom style that is functional as well as pretty, our mini pom pom alice band is the perfect style. With a navy based floral print fabric covered alice band and a lovely combination of teal, grey and neon pink pom poms, this alice band will brighten any outfit. 


Pom pom pony

5. Pom pom ponytail 

The most classic use of the our pom pom ponies is to tie up a classic pony tail. For something a little different try tying up the hair with a pom pom pony and then pulling the ponytail up and through itself to create this relaxed and pretty hair style.


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