Stress-free school mornings!

September is fast approaching and we're a little nervous if we're honest! It's like a tornado of backpacks, missing shoes, and spilled cereal over here every school morning!

So this year we're on a mission to get more organised, create a little less chaos and a lot more calm! We've trawled advice articles and parenting pages alike to pick out the best tips to share with you along the way! Here's our top 10 so grab your coffee, let's do this!

1. Action alerts right away

This might not be immediately connected with morning organisation but we've started practising this one and it definitely saves lots of last minute morning panics! As soon as you get any notifications from school / friends parties etc that need actioning, stop and sort it there and then! Or don't open it until you can! Anything left until later in our experience never happens so send the rsvp's, sign the forms, stick the dates in the diary, set reminders if needed and then you can forget about them knowing you'll be ready when you need to be!

2. Create a morning routine (and stick to it!)

Consistency is key when it comes to school mornings. Establish a routine that works for your family and stick to it like glue. Whether it's a set wake up time or a specific order of getting ready, having a routine will help everyone, especially younger children to stay on track and know what needs to be done next.

3. Sort your storage

Great storage makes for great mornings! Having everything you need, easily accessible will make life so much easier when you're trying to be quick. It's important to keep uniforms in the same place so children know where to find them and that they're within easy reach (not hanging too high!). Think separate coat hooks or shoe storage for each child or just a shoe rack right by the door.

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4. Keep distractions at bay

This can often be the difference between leaving on time or 15 minutes late! We all know how tempting it is to check our phones, start replying to messages or even turn on the TV first thing in the morning, but those little distractions can quickly derail your well planned routine. Keep devices and remote controls out of children's reach too and save the screen time for later in the day or even as a reward if you find everybody is ready before you need to leave!

5. Make breakfast a breeze

Whether it’s prepping breakfast the night before or just laying out plates and bowls ready, having a plan of action when it comes to breakfast will definitely improve the flow of your mornings! Our biggest tip is to go for a breakfast they can prepare themselves so it won't matter if you're still hopping out the shower! Think simple cereal or overnight oats!

6. Prep, prep, prep!

Anything, anything at all you can do the night before, absolutely do it! Your future self will always thank you for this! Lay out their uniforms, even lay out your own outfit! Make sure any packed lunches are ready in the fridge, backpacks are ready to go, shoes cleaned and by the door, the list goes on. It might sound obvious but it's a real game changer!

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7. Embrace the power of music

This might sound like a distraction but bear with us, we've tried and tested this one and can definitely agree that music has an amazing way of setting the right mood. You could even create a playlist of upbeat, energising tunes that will get the whole family in the right mindset for the day ahead. Dance parties in the kitchen are highly encouraged!

 8. Make a checklist (great for little ones!)

Some parents have created little checklists for their youngest children with all the simple morning tasks such as teeth/hair brushing, eating breakfast, putting on uniform etc. Little ones will love the accomplishment of ticking off or placing a stamp next to each task as they complete them. If you have columns from Monday - Friday it also helps pre schoolers learn the days of the week and the order of these which may even stop you needing to answer 'how many days until the weekend' type questions too! You could use a chalk / white board to save replacing a paper list each week.

9. Final check at the door

We love the idea of an 'out tray' at the front door. Trip permission slips? PE kit? swimming bag? Pop them all in the imaginary (or not so imaginary!) 'out tray', ideally positioned so you almost need to step over it to get out the door! That way, there's no way you'll leave behind anything important!

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10. Have backup options

Despite our best efforts, some mornings just don't go to plan. That's why it's always a good idea to have a backup! Whether it's a stash of granola bars for breakfast on the go or an extra 'emergency' school shirt for those unplanned spills, being prepared for the unexpected will save you from unnecessary stress!

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Good luck, you've got this! 


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